Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Way in the Wilderness

"A voice of one calling:
'In the desert prepare
the way for the LORD;
make straight in the wilderness
a highway for our God.'"
Isaiah 40:3

Have you ever watched a highway crew do work? My dad grew up in Vernon, Texas.  As a teenager he worked with his uncle on a construction crew building roads.  He spent more than his fair share of hot days on the highway raising the roads so many of us take for granted. 

I remember one day, when we were cruising down the highway, my dad asked me, "How long do you think those dotted lines are there on the road?"
I took a good hard look... "Three feet?" I guessed.
"Nope, ten feet," he said.
"TEN FEET!" I shouted, "No way."
From my seat, flying down the highway at 65 mph, I had lost perspective.
My dad, on the other hand, knew every inch of that 10 foot stripe.

Our Father in Heaven, He knows every inch of the road we travel, too.
And that goes for every single one of us.
This is no pint-sized promise Isaiah is given. 
God promised a highway, and He has delivered.

When we find ourselves overwhelmed by grief,
when our neighbors' knees buckle under the burdens they carry,
when our friends are frustrated and confused...
Lord, help us remember these words and the Way you marked out for us in this wilderness. 


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