Thursday, July 5, 2012

Nothing Will Stand in His Way

"'Every valley shall be raised up,
every mountain and hill made low;
the rough places shall become level,
and the rugged places a plain.'"
Isaiah 40:4

In the nearly seven years we spent East of the Mississippi River in Montgomery, Alabama we made about twenty trips back home.  Every time, the road was long.  Once we made the trip in 17 hours, 37 minutes.  More than once, it took us considerably longer than that.

Every time we made the trip, there was one section of the journey that took my breath away.
It wasn't the Mississippi River, though we literally played the "Hold Your Breath Game" over that bridge many times.  It wasn't the miles of pine-lined highway in West Alabama.  It wasn't the Texas state line, though we never failed to burst into song upon crossing over into the promised land.  No, it was Roscoe.

Just as you leave I-20 and merge onto U.S. Hwy 84, the whole earth goes flat... every valley raised up, every mountain made low, rough places made level, rugged places made perfectly plain.  The new wind turbines have somewhat diminished the effect, but God's handiwork still stirs my heart. 

Have you ever tried to level a rugged landscape? Ask Tim Oliver or Alex Scarborough to enlighten you on how frustrating and exhausting that work can be.  Either you've got to have a lot of man power or some impressive horsepower.  Thank the Lord, our way home rests in His power.

Lubbock's picturesque plain, every stunning sunset is a reminder that our God has a heart to be with His people.  He is resolved to have a reunion and nothing will stand in His way.  We make it complicated.  We make it difficult.  The Pharisees fouled it up, but the Lord likes it simple.  I pray we can learn to love the lost with the same purity and passion.


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