Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Time 2 Thrive

We believe the word of God is living and active.  We believe there are truths in scripture so brilliant, so beautiful that a humble heart to heart with the Holy Spirit can refresh us, revive us and renew our minds.  As we've prayed about direction and inspiration in these days leading up to our arrival in Lubbock, the Lord has set our hearts on Isaiah 40.  For 31 days leading up to my first day on the job in the Hub City, we want to invite everyone at Broadway to join us in praying through Isaiah 40, one verse at a time.  We're hoping this blog can serve as a place to share insights, revelations and prayers.  Everyone is welcome to join the discussion; the more, the merrier.  My simple prayer will be this, that God will bless us all as we seek to find our way for ministry and a life together that honors Him and realizes His great dream for us as His people.

I hope you'll make it a habit to stop in and share the word with us.


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